The Carma Cup is an eco-friendly collapsible cup that benefits multiple social causes. Carma Cup represents an idea that businesses do not need to be constantly focused on generating massive profits, but can become a tool to support others in need.

Most businesses that donate to charity usually only donate at a maximum of 10% of profits, while Carma Cup donates 50% of revenue. We are dedicated to utilizing our ability as a business for good, and to always put people before profits.

To be completely transparent, we have listed all the costs associated with each Carma Cup. With this information customers can better understand how much profit is made from each cup compared to how much we give.
Cost of Carma Cup: $1.50
Cost of Processing Fees: $0.50
Donated: $3.00
Profit: $1.50


Many businesses like capitalizing on the idea of donating a percentage of profits to charity to demonstrate their willingness to help. However, the proportion of how much these companies gain versus how much the charities gain is grossly uneven. The goal of Carma Cup is to help as many people as possible, and we firmly believe a majority of profits should be donated to honorable causes. 

~ Dylan Russell, Founder & CEO of Carma Cup