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Our Mission

The future of our planet depends on how we treat our environment and the people around us. We believe in using eco-friendly sustainable products that can drive real change. Carma Cup aspires to reduce single-use plastic cups, while giving back to those who need our help.  

Each Carma Cup color represents a different social cause and is partnered with three nonprofits associated with each cause. We donate 50% of revenue to our nonprofit partners with every cup purchased! By donating to multiple associated charities, we can create a larger impact on the social causes they support. Carma Cup not only combats pollution, but also strives to help as many people as possible in the process! 





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The Epilepsy Foundation, Kids In Need of Defense, Pancreatic Cancer Action Network, School on Wheels, Black Girl Ventures, and Autistic Self Advocacy Network names and copyrighted materials are used with their permission and does not constitute an endorsement of the company, product, or service.